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 Team Fortress 2 is now completely FREE

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PostSubject: Team Fortress 2 is now completely FREE   Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:19 pm

yep u read it right,the famous fps from valve is now completly free to play,based in micro transations.
this is a great news to every gamer who love fps,because this one of the top fps online ever.
all u gonna need is to download STEAM and make an account,simple as that.

seams silly,and very cartoonist...and it actually is,but the game play and the profundity is amazing,u will spend hours and hours playing,and will always learn something more.
its very simple to enter and play,but very hard to master,and u will have 9 different characters to master.since snipers to engineers every class is great and change all the perspective of game,but all are very balanced between them.
team play is the key here,but theres always space for lone wolfs,like all great things: first u strange but after a while u will get addicted.

i hope i see allot of eXa there,my steam account is in my gaming profile.
just add me,ill help anyone enter the game if requested.

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Team Fortress 2 is now completely FREE
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