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 alien vs predator : free online demo

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alien vs predator : free online demo Empty
PostSubject: alien vs predator : free online demo   alien vs predator : free online demo EmptyFri Feb 12, 2010 6:19 pm

this is at least a different fps from any other,i already tried the online demo,and it got a great atmosphere.

the marine faction is a survival horror fps game,the predator the sci-fi all mighty god version,and the alien the stealth lsd version.
to tell the truth im loving the alien,but after a few minutes i get that crazy "boat sick" feeling,its really like u are playing under lsd...

each character have total different ways to play, witch is almost 3 in 1 game.
its not a top game,but its a game that worst your time to look,many people will be addicted to this game,but its not simply my type.

all u gotta do to play the demo,is download steam program,create an account and go to demos.
download it and play,believe me worst spending ur time with it.


alien vs predator : free online demo Ripzengaalien vs predator : free online demo Rip5enga
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alien vs predator : free online demo
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