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 I want to make some contribute to sheep.forumotion.com

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PostSubject: I want to make some contribute to sheep.forumotion.com   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:59 am

Hello. I have a Stream Info. file, an IFO file, and a MPEG file. Ive got Stream Processings enabled, and I have a "*" on the Direct Stream Copy. I didnt Demux. I use File Mode flawlessly now that I know. My problem is I have a few movies on my HD that I backed up in IFO mode and dont have the discs anymore. Unless some files are hidden I dont have BUPs, VOBs, or any of that usual jive. Just the 3 mentioned above. Is there no way to get these files to play on a DVD? Its beginning to look that way.
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I want to make some contribute to sheep.forumotion.com
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