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PostSubject: METRO 2033 REVIEW   Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:35 am

im playing the game,and the ambiance is awesome,probably one of the best i played lately.
the graphics,the sounds really makes u enter in to a world that feels really alive. the sound,and graphics are amazing (the pc version is superior to consoles).

but like the review say,have a lot of bugs and glitches,in one sequence i got stuck into nothing..i mean nothing just my character and a black screen..i had to remake the all level.
and the i.a. of enemies are completely dumb,i mean one of the worst i ever saw,in one situation i had 5 enemies running throw me...i kill them all from the back,this was just an example ,how ridiculous,some time i.a. can be.
in apposite sometimes the game gets really hard,i had to make some sequences more then one time,and im playing in normal mode.
its a very heavy game for hardware,u will need a good machine just to play in medium settings.

if u have the hardware and like survival fps,play the game,because with all its flaws its still a great game,im really loving it.

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