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 War against eXa*

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[Bro] Di

War against eXa* Empty
PostSubject: War against eXa*   War against eXa* EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 9:54 am

1. who are u, which clan do you represent

I am Disnoxxio and i represent the clan Brothers [Bro]

2. how many ppl will u be for a war


3. which kind of war to u want to play with us (sd, tdm, hq...)

We play much Hq so we preferb hq but we can change our opinion

4. which time would u prefer for a war

Arround 8 o clock in the evening or 9

5. ur skill

Honestly were not the best clan Wink
But we're getting better and better so we wanna try a clan war..

The last war didnt worked out, so maybe we can do a war Tonight (Friday 26 Februari '10 )
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War against eXa*
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